Worship at Winnekeag

Our annual retreat at Camp Winnekeag in Ashburnham

Winnekeag Beckons!


Join us on Sabbath, Sept. 12, 2020, for our annual Winnekeag retreat. There will be no services at the church that day. Worship starts at 10:00 AM by the lake (or inside if it rains), followed by dinner and a relaxing afternoon. No activities Friday or on Sabbath evening.


Reserve a Meal

Sabbath dinner is available from the camp cafeteria. It includes entree, salad, dessert, & drink. All camp meals are vegetarian, but they can accommodate vegans and those with other special dietary needs.


DO NOT pay for your meal in a tithe envelope! Why not, you ask?

  1. If you pay in a tithe envelope the office may not know about it in time.
  2. And we won't know to include you in the meal count.
  3. And if our meal count is off, the camp charges us $20 for every one we're over.

So please, only use the payment options below.

Payment Options:

  1. Pay with a credit card by clicking the button below, or;
  2. Bring a check to the church office (again, please don't put it in a tithe envelope). Make it payable to College Church and put "Winnekeag Meals" in the memo line.

The cost:

Through Sunday, Sept. 6 $8.00/meal
Monday, Sept. 7 and after $20.00/meal (camp policy)
Children age 3 and under Always free