Child Protection

Shielding our little ones from abuse

Adventist Screening Verification Program

The Southern New England Conference of SDA requires all who work with children in any way in our churches take training to recognize and prevent abuse of children. The conference uses Sterling Volunteers for this.

Several important points:

  1. Everyone who is at least 18 years of age and who works in ministries involving children at the College Church must take the training:
  2. Sabbath School volunteers
  3. Pathfinder and Adventurer leaders and other volunteers, including those who would be involved in a field trip or any other activity
  4. and anyone else who works with children.
  5. The required part of the training will likely take 1–2 hours in total.
  6. You don't have to complete the entire training at one sitting.

More resources

The Southern New England Conference and North American Division of SDA have extensive information in this area, so we will not attempt to replicate it here. Please see the following resources: