Conversations in Bible Fundamentals

A safe, relaxed examination of various topics in doctrine and faith

Conversations in Bible Fundamentals


  • Purpose: To provide a safe, relaxed environment where issues of doctrine and faith may be examined. 
  • Content: The Bible will be the sole source of answers to questions on difficult Bible passages, doctrine, and faith each week.
  • Format: Zoom with a facilitator and a resource person (pastor, Bible worker, chaplain, etc.), who will explore questions from members and non-members on issues of doctrine and faith. Questions will be sent in before in order to acquire a resource person on the topic. Questions will also be entertained during the presentation.

This page will also become a repository for notes from the studies.

  • Meeting ID: 862-4377-9713
  • Passcode: 01561 (if you click the button above, you shouldn't need the ID or passcode)

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