South Lancaster Academy Enrollment is Open

Enroll before July 1 and get the admin fee waived

It's Open Enrollment Time!

It's time to enroll! If you sign up by Tuesday, May 11, your child will get an ice cream treat, and if you do so before Thursday, July 1, they will waive the $75 admin fee. See below for instructions.

For more info, call 978-368-8544 or go to There are links on their home page where you can begin the process of applying for your child to attend, and if you click Finances, you can get information on financial aid.

benefits to CC members of being a constituent church

The College Church is a constituent church of this fine institution, providing both financial & logistical support. This provides the College Church and its members with some benefits:

  1. If you or at least one of your parents/legal guardians are official College Church members, you get a big break on your SLA tuition. See the Finances link on their website or contact their finance office for more info.
  2. All official College Church members can attend and vote at SLA constituency meetings.
  3. You can also get tuition help through the Three-way Plan (see below).

Three-way Plan

Through this plan, the College Church, the Southern New England Conference, and the school each contribute a scholarship amount to help needy students. In the fall of 2020, the three-way plan provides $700 per semester for elementary students and $1400 per semester for students in grades 9–12.

Apply for the three-way plan.

SLA Alumni Weekend

We also have info about alumni weekend.