Three-way Scholarship Plan

Scholarships for South Lancaster Academy

Scholarships for the 2020–21 School Year

The College Church, in conjunction with the Southern New England Conference and South Lancaster Academy, provides scholarship assistance through the Three-way Plan to College Church members who meet certain criteria.

We can also help home-school families, but the criteria are a bit different. 


  • We don't accept paper applications. You must apply with the web form below.
  • Please follow the instructions.

deadline to apply for three-way scholarship:

  • Fall semester: Sept. 30 
  • Spring semester: Feb. 28.

To Apply:

Prepare your documents:

  1. Download and fill out the SNEC Three-way Application (click the link and on the resulting page, look at the bottom of the page on the right).
  2. Make sure you get the form for the appropriate school year.
  3. Retrieve page 1 of your most recent IRS tax return.
  4. Optional: Fill out your SLA Local Church Financial Aid Commitment form
  5. Scan or take photos of these documents. The entire document must be visible and legible.

Submit your documents:

  1. Complete and submit the CC Three-way Application below, attaching the required documents.
  2. Complete and submit the CC member info form if you have not already done so (required).

Please Note: The form below will be disabled after the deadline passes.

We will re-enable it in time for the following semester.