Home School Scholarships

Financial aid for home school families

Scholarship Assistance for Homeschool Families

The College Church provides homeschool scholarship assistance to College Church members who meet certain criteria.

We can also help South Lancaster Academy students, but the criteria are a bit different.

maximum scholarship amount

$300 per semester per homeschool student.


To be eligible for homeschool scholarship assistance, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. The student seeking assistance or at least one parent/legal guardian must be an official and active College Church member, attending College Church services or other events at least twice a month.
  2. The household adjusted gross income (excluding that of dependent children), as indicated on line 37 of IRS tax form 1040, must be less than that listed on the chart below for the number of children the guardian is supporting in homeschool and SLA.
Number of
dependents now
in homeschool or SLA
Adjusted gross income
must be below
these amounts
1 $60,000
2 $65,000
3 $70,000
4 or more $75,000

deadline to apply for home-school scholarship

  • Fall semester: Sept. 30.
  • Spring semester: Feb. 28.

deadline to submit receipts (IF APPROVED for scholarship)

You must submit your receipts all at once by each semester's deadline:

  • Fall semester: Nov. 30.
  • Spring semester: Apr. 30.

If approved, funds will be disbursed as follows

The College Church will reimburse you for homeschool expenses up to $300 per child, per semester. If you have a year-long homeschool curriculum that exceeds $300, you can submit a receipt in the fall for a $300 reimbursement, and submit it again in the spring to be reimbursed for the remainder of the expense up to another $300.

Please Note: The form below will be disabled after the deadline passes.

´╗┐We will re-enable it in time for the following semester.