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If you would like to commit your life to Jesus Christ through baptism, please contact us or speak to one of our pastors. They will be glad to work with you.

Transferring Your Membership

If God speaks to you at the College Church and you can grow spiritually here, you may wish to bring your SDA church membership along for the ride. To do so, please fill out the transfer request below.

If you have questions about membership, please call 978-368-2130 or email

Notes on transfers

You can request transfer for just your own membership, or also for members of your immediate family.

Please Note:

  • To have a membership to transfer you must already be a baptized into the SDA church. If you're not, the pastoral staff can work with you on joining via baptism or profession of faith. If don't know, just go for it and we'll figure it out!
  • All the transfers need to be coming from the same church. To request transfers from a different church, please fill out an additional request.
  • Transfers often happen within a couple of months, but they can take much longer. It depends on the timing, location, and practices of your previous church.
  • For updates, email
  • After submitting here, please fill out our membership info form, if you haven't already, so that we can finish processing your request.