Glō Mom

Support for new and expecting mothers and other caregivers

Education, Advocacy, and Support for New and Expecting Mothers and Other Caregivers

Glō Mom is an evidence based approach to community engagement that provides a place for education, advocacy and support for new and expecting mothers (caregivers). According to the CDC and Prevention’s National Vital Statistics System, "the 2018 maternal mortality rate was 17.4 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births — meaning 658 women died in 2018. The figure includes deaths during pregnancy, at birth, or within 42 days of birth.” Of similarly healthy countries, the US ranks last and the state of maternal health and mortality has become a national health crisis. The exceptionally high numbers for typically marginalized populations has also become the center of national discussion regarding medical racism and maternal health outcomes.

Glō Mom seeks to address these health disparities through engaged community support throughout pregnancy and in the postpartum period, with a specialized interest in addressing circumstances that can increase the risk for postpartum depression, anxiety, euphoria and the like. A fully developed mother's helper postpartum service is one of the core aspects of this ministry that seeks to provide emotional, relational, physical and spiritual support to women during the most vulnerable time of new motherhood - the ‘fourth’ trimester. The second significant component is the education and advocacy summit that takes place annually. We’re taking a break in 2020 due to COVID but are planning 2021 currently. Photos and more details about the shower are contained in the event deck but you can also view comments from past participants in this Facebook video.

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