HELPSY Clothing Recycling Bin

Serving God's creation

Recycling Clothing and Fashion Accessories

Clothes Aren't Trash

HELPSY takes clothes (and a few other things) that we don't need and either upcycles or recycles them, and they pay the College Church a little bit for the privilege!

Look for the blue bin beside the dumpster at the back of the church.

No Trash or General Recycling

This is not for trash or general recycling. They only take clothing and fashion accessories as noted below. Stained, worn, or torn is fine, but items must be clean, dry & bagged.

They take:

  • men's, women's, children's dresses, shirts, pants, suits
  • coats, gloves, hats
  • belts, ties, scarves
  • wallets, purses, backpacks, totes
  • shoes / sandals
  • watches & jewelry
  • towels / bedding / linens
  • stuffed animals
  • small throw rugs that can fit into a bag
  • decorative pillows but not bed pillows


  • no breakable housewares or glass
  • no electronics: no tvs, computers, monitors, etc.
  • no furniture
  • no building materials
  • no scrap metal: no bed frames, curtain rods, etc.
  • no appliances
  • no mattresses
  • no books, phone books, magazines
  • etc.