Mission Statement

Love. Grow. Serve.

Mission Statement

In 2019, the College Church conducted an extensive visioning process to determine how this faith community should move forward in the light of the closure of Atlantic Union College, from which we got our name and our mission. After much thought and deliberation, we voted to remain the College Church, but to turn our focus to community service, a theme which we heard over and over again from our members.

CHURCH MISSION: Through our love for God, we love others. As we grow in God, we grow together. By serving our community, we serve our God.

CHURCH MOTTO: Love. Grow. Serve.


FOCUS: Working with God and our family for our community.


  • Weekly community children’s program during Sabbath School.
  • Family-based education classes (men's and women's ministry, health classes, Biblical parenting, Bible study, etc.).
  • Monthly community service events.
  • Grow groups.
  • Community collaboration (WHEAT, Sterling Village, town events, etc.).

Visioning Committee members

Steve Aubin, Blanca Bruso, Ilana Cady, Dennis Ciccone, Ed Collins, Heather Cook, Vera Davis, Cecile Engeln, Michelle Lynn, Cameron Loss, Mariyan Montaque, Ian Neidigh, Josephine Robertson, Ray Sauls.