Reserve the Church

Request to use College Church facilities

Requesting Use of College Church Facilities

The College Church is available to third parties who abide by our requirements. Please see the reservation request forms linked below.


  1. Fill out the appropriate form:
  2. Use the form for College Church members and sister organizations if you are a current member of the College Church, or if you are a church, conference, school, etc. in the Seventh-day Adventist system.
  3. Use the form for all others if you don't fit into any of the categories above.
  4. DON'T email the form. Instead, attach it below.
  5. Please don't save the blank form on your computer. Download a new copy each time you reserve. This is so that any changes we make can be incorporated.


  • We've had trouble with form fields being blank when people fill out the PDF on the computer. So if you do that, print the form and then either scan it or take pictures and attach those.
  • DO NOT email the form—instead, attach it below.

New Reservation Form (Trial)

We are testing a new way to reserve the church for events. Please don't use it at this time.