SLA Open House Oct. 20 & 21

SLA Open House

Tuesday and Wednesday, October 20 and 21 is SLA Open House! Each classroom/teacher has their own link (see below), which was emailed to parents. Families can sign-up for a time slot to come and visit with the teacher/classroom. These will be pre-scheduled 10 minute time slots with only immediate family members (father, mother and siblings) allowed. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. Hot chocolate will be served outside while you wait to enter the building. Please understand that this is not the time for a private parent/teacher conference; you may set up a separate appointment to talk at length. Let us know if you have any questions.


Open House Sign-up Links:

Mrs. Girma: 

Mrs. Imperio:

Mrs. Ellis: 

Mrs. Gardner: 

Mrs. Ford: 

Mrs. Jones: 

Mrs. Creitz: 

Mrs. Baldwin: 

Mrs. Olivera: 

High School:  

You can find more details on SLA's website.