Ten Days of Prayer

Drawing closer to God in prayer

Ten Days of Prayer, Jan. 11–21, 2023

From the Ten Days of Prayer teaching materials:

"We believe prayer is the birthplace of revival. God has worked so many miracles in past years as we have sought Him together in prayer and fasting. The Holy Spirit has brought about conversions, renewed passion for evangelism, revived churches, and healed relationships."

There will be meetings for children, teens, and adults, and the Southern New England Conference D.E.A.F. group is also meeting—see below.

  • The final 7:00 PM meeting will be on Friday, Jan. 20, and we will cap it off in church on Sabbath, Jan. 21.

Ten Days Meeting for Kids

The children will meet from 3:30–5:00 PM daily in the Youth Chapel (see exceptions below). If you wish, we can escort your child from South Lancaster Academy to the church for the meetings (see registration linked below).

Please Note:

  • The two kids' meetings that occur on Wednesdays will still be at 3:30, but they will be in the Kindergarten room instead of the chapel because of previously scheduled events.
  • The meetings on Fridays will be at 12:15 PM because SLA gets out at noon.

Ten Days Meeting for Teens

The teens will meet from 8:00–8:30 PM on Zoom.

  • Meeting ID: 812 8712 3046
  • Passcode: 961364
  • If you click the button above, you shouldn't need the ID or passcode.

Ten Days Meeting for Adults

The adults will meet from 7:00–7:30 PM on Zoom.

  • Meeting ID: 445 587 563
  • Passcode: 01561
  • If you click the button above, you shouldn't need the ID or passcode.

These meetings will take the place of our regular Wednesday and Friday night prayer/Bible study meetings.

Ten Days D.E.A.F. Meeting

The DEAF meetings are in American Sign Language (ASL) with no voice interpreting. 

  • Theme: "Back to the Altar"
  • When: January 11–21, 2023 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time and Canada (except for the final day—see below).
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 832 4069 0849

Here is the schedule:

January 11 7:00 PM — Day 1 — Pray for a Connected Heart

January 12 7:00 PM — Day 2 — A Place to Remember

January 13 7:00 PM — Day 3 — Morning and Evening

January 14 7:00 PM — Day 4 — What Brings God Back

January 15 7:00 PM — Day 5 — Jesus Woke Up Early

January 16 7:00 PM — Day 6 — All Night in Prayer

January 17 7:00 PM — Day 7 — A Church that Worships

January 18 7:00 PM — Day 8 — Worship & the 3 Angels Messages

January 19 7:00 PM — Day 9 — Guard Your Mind

January 20 7:00 PM — Day 10 — I Will Go

January 21 11:00 AM — Special Livestream Deaf Worship Service Together