Worship Experience for Sabbath, June 13, 2020

Worship with us in person! With ASL signing

Worship on Sabbath, June 13, 2020

We're open!

The doors of the College Church are open for public worship on Sabbath! We are following all state-mandated guidelines, as well as Southern New England Conference recommendations, to help stop the spread of C-19. 

Until further notice:

  • there will be no on-site Sabbath School classes (virtual classes will continue)
  • there will be no passing of the offering plates (plates will be near the doors on stands)
  • there will be no printed bulletins (you can find recent bulletins here)
  • the children will not come forward for the children's story
  • there will be singing but not by the congregation (singing projects your breath farther )
  • we will only use every other pew in an effort to practice social distancing
  • the wearing of masks will be required according to state guidelines (we previously said they were only encouraged; a small supply will be on hand)
  • hugs and hand shaking will be discouraged
  • most internal doors will remain propped open so that you don't have to touch doorknobs

This is not the new normal, but a temporary normal, and we want all to know that one should attend on the 30th only if you are comfortable doing so. Thank you, and please know that we are here for you!

ASL signing in the Worship Service

SNEC Deaf Ministries coordinator Jessica McGowan Smith will be signing in ASL in our worship service. There will be a separate live stream to our Facebook page that will be trained on her for the entire service. Thanks, Jessica! We have also invited the Deaf group to worship with us as often as they can. The FB video from May 23 now has well over 1100 views!

As more churches open back up, Jessica will need to visit them, so, sadly, at some point the ASL signing will end, unless we can find someone else to do it.

Sabbath School Options for Children and Youth

Children's Sabbath School resources ONLINE

youth sabbath school

Starts at 10:00 AM. Leaders: Alfonso Vega, Carrie Ann Oetman, and Mariyan Montaque.

Adult Sabbath School Classes

adult sabbath school with Ralph Gifford III

Starts at 9:45 AM and ends at 10:45 to allow you to get to church if you desire.

If you don't have GoToMeeting, you'll need to click the link to download it. If that doesn't work, you can download it here. You can also make a regular phone call to (646) 749-3112 (enter access code 703-055-853 on your phone keypad).

Adult sabbath school with Josephine robertson

Starts at 9:45 AM and ends at 10:45 to allow you to get to church if you desire.

You should be able to just click the link, but if you need to, you can get Zoom for desktop computer, for iPhone/iPad, or for Android.

Adult sabbath school with pastor einar and roger prather

Starts at 10:00 AM.

If for some reason that link doesn't work, it's http://www.eleden.tv/liveghope.

bible journaling with RHONDA MUCHIUTTI and mayra Ciccone

We hold an informal Bible journaling group Sabbath mornings at 10:00 AM. This group shares work that they have been doing in their Bibles and thoughts around texts they’ve read or studied. We interact on happenings during the week, give support to each other, listen to concerns and needs, and pray. We welcome everyone interested in an informal Bible journaling session to join.

Worship Service with ASL Option

worship service without asl signing

This service starts at 11:05 AM.

  • Link: Worship Service Live Stream. This link takes you to our new page where the live stream is embedded. It's easier to find and use.
  • However, we are facing some technical challenges with implementing that and the ASL live stream at the same time. If for some reason that link doesn't work, try http://www.eleden.tv/liveghope.

worship service with asl signing

We'll have a second live stream where Jessica McGowan Smith will be signing for the deaf.

  • Link: Go to our Facebook page and look for an image with a little red Live button.
  • You may need to refresh your web browser for it to load.
  • Important: Some people have found that the stream wouldn't load in their web browser. They had to use the Facebook app on a mobile device.
  • In our testing you don't need a Facebook account to see the live stream.