Prayer Ministry

A church-wide prayer ministry

Prayer Ministry at the College Church

Prayer is the channel of communication between our souls and God. God speaks to us through His word; we respond to Him through our prayers, and He always listens to us. We cannot weary or burden Him by our frequent heart to heart communications. We have come to sserious times. Events in our world call upon every follower of Christ to be totally in earnest in our realtionship with God. To strengthen this relationship and satisfy our emotional and spiritual needs we must learn the power of prayer. Prov. 1.2–3. 

Our goal is to get closer. Closer to one another as we draw closer to the heart of God through prayer. 

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prayer requests

You can submit a prayer request to the pastoral staff.

Prayer Events—all are welcome

  • Early morning prayer time: Wednesday and Friday morning, 5:30–6:00 AM in the sanctuary.
  • After each church service in the conference room.

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